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NOS ACTUALITéS Publié le 19/10/2023

A gateway to the world with Worldcom PR Group !

What is Worldcom PR Group? It’s the world’s leading network of independent public relations agencies! It has 143 offices in over 115 cities and 49 countries. The clients of each agency have access to the recommendations and local expertise of nearly 2,000 communications professionals to implement one-off projects in a particular market, multi-country or even global campaigns. To join, each agency must meet a series of stringent criteria. These are tested every 4 years, when each member goes before a panel of judges to demonstrate that its skills and expertise continue to grow and meet the network’s standards.

Maarc has been a member of the Worldcom PR Group since 2019. At the end of September, the agency competed at the network’s European summit in Madrid. Maarc was awarded top marks and its membership of the network was renewed. To find out more, click here.