Promoting the contribution made by Citeo and its clients to the development of the circular economy


Citeo, now a not-for-profit business, was founded 30 years ago by actors from the retail and consumer goods sectors. The aim was to finance the collection and recycling of household packaging and encourage the people of France to always sort their waste. Faced with the environmental emergency and the pressures it imposes, the regulatory framework had become more restrictive and imposed a number of deadlines.

To meet these new obligations, Citeo, a business driven by a legally set social and environmental purpose, moved into new fields: reuse, biodiversity, combating illegal waste dumping, new forms of consumption, etc. The company promotes a 100% solutions-based model where reduce, reuse and recycle are all complementary.

  • Consultancy and action plans: quarterly action plans, weekly updates to share and build strategies together, tactics and ad-hoc positions, recommendation notes for every major operation, daily availability and advice.
  • Position platforms: organisation of workshops on sensitive topics. Working with experts from Citeo, the agency identified viewpoints and objections in order to jointly construct a common position and anticipate responses to sensitive issues.
  • Production of communication materials: construction of messaging platforms and different operational tools (press releases, press kits, op-ed articles, Q&As, etc.).
  • Organisation of press events and a series of informal get-togethers with the main spokespeople.
  • Social media support for the managing director: editorial advice, monitoring and daily suggestions for Twitter content; drafting regular posts for LinkedIn.
  • Support provided for several TV shows tackling sensitive issues.
  • Support provided for around thirty corporate press relations projects a year, from strategic consultancy to operational rollout.
  • Almost 200 proactive mentions.
  • Around fifty media meetings and interviews arranged
  • Consolidation of Citeo’s positioning in the minds of journalists, who increasingly cite Citeo in articles and pieces touching on its areas of expertise in the wider sense (reducing, recycling, reusing, circular economy, etc.).