SodaStream Striking for Good

Sabre Awards
EMEA 2020

In the summer of 2019, young people around the world rose up to demonstrate for the climate, responding to the appeal from the young Swedish activist Greta Thunberg. The stakeholders involved were those you would expect: citizens, experts and NGOs. Maarc worked with SodaStream to support its decision to back the climate strike.


With the company deciding to close its doors for a day and halt activities at all its commercial sites worldwide, Maarc worked alongside teams from SodaStream to organise the entire event, with only a few days’ notice. In France, the management team decided to give staff time off beforehand so they could get ready to join the demonstration planned in Nantes, not far from SodaStream’s French HQ.

The agency provided the brand with 360° support, including message drafting, internal communication and generation of media coverage.

  • Over 20 clippings in two days, an audience of several million people.
  • Most mentions devoted entirely to SodaStream’s stand.
  • An AFP dispatch, two radio stations (including France Inter) and one news bulletin (France Télévisions).
  • SodaStream was mentioned in Le Parisien as being one of the organisations taking action in an opinion piece about the climate strike that was widely picked up.