Supporting the transformation of a biopharmaceutical leader


Sanofi has been running its Play to Win strategy since 2019. Centred on four strategic priorities, it provides a roadmap involving organisational changes in France and at all its international subsidiaries.

For the past three years, Maarc has helped Sanofi explain what the decisions taken mean in practice to internal and external audiences, bring its teams together around a shared goal, and roll out the new corporate culture:

  • support for communication plans
  • formulating messages
  • production of communication materials, etc.
  • leading seminars
  • spokesperson briefings
  • coaching
  • Defining internal and external communication plans
  • Formulating message guidelines aligned with information materials and documents provided to worker representatives, including key messages, Q&As, memos, slideshows, etc.)
  • Leading a seminar for managers designed to coach them, help them take ownership and motivate their teams
  • Spokesperson briefings prior to announcements