Covid-19 crisis: awareness-raising campaign across Europe to promote reopening of convention and exhibition centres


Heavily impacted by the Covid-19 crisis and the health measures imposed by local authorities, members of EMECA, representing operators of some of Europe’s largest convention and exhibition centres, were keen to speak out in the media across Europe to warn governments about their financial situation and the urgent need to reopen their venues to ensure the survival of the industry.

EMECA members in France are VIPARIS and EUREXPO LYON, operated by GL events.


The campaign was designed to draw the attention of national and European authorities to the issue so that they would provide substantial financial support to ensure the survival and recovery of an entire industry.

We advised and supported EMECA during the rollout of a media campaign targeting France, Germany, Spain and Italy, its priority markets. To maximise relevance and efficiency, we drew on expertise from partner agencies in the Worldcom PR Group network – Kirchhoff (Ger), Grupo Albion (Sp) and BPress (It) – and coordinated the programme’s rollout to ensure maximum visibility for EMECA. This ensured that the messages were tailored to reflect specific challenges facing each local market.

The project tasks included localising and distributing the press release in each country, and organising interviews with local and European spokespeople.

  • The campaign generated a total of 217 mentions.
  • Its announcement caught the attention of many leading European media organisations (AFP, DPA, ADCGroup and El Economista).
  • Journalists were very receptive to the offer of interviews, particularly in Germany and Italy where the business travel industry had been severely impacted by the closure of exhibition centres.