Promoting the platform to policymakers as a solution for improving vaccination rollout


With the French vaccination campaign against Covid-19 struggling to get off the ground, data scientists Martin Daniel and Matthieu Ripert and pulmonologist Antoine Roux from the well-known Foch Hospital, decided to set up a website to make it easier for people wanting a vaccination to make real-time contact with medical professionals who had doses available on the day.

From the first week of the project launched on 30 March 2021, Maarc joined the 100-strong team of volunteers to help boost media coverage of the project. The pro bono team involved an associate partner, consultant and junior consultant.


Maarc provided strategic support to Covidliste to expand its reach: recruitment of vaccination centres with testimonies from colleagues and experts in regional media, generating media coverage of the campaign, and support for the public affairs strategy to encourage the government to endorse and subsidise the tool.

Our challenge: to get across the uncontroversial message that Covidliste was part of the government’s vaccination strategy and that data security was guaranteed by the collaborative work of the country’s best data scientists and developers.

  • Almost 900,000 volunteers and 900 centres signed up.
  • 73,160 people contacted by Covidliste.
  • 3,667 confirmed their appointment.
  • Statements by the ministry of health supporting the rollout of Covidliste, public funding.
  • Testimonies from volunteers and caregivers in the national and local press.
  • In one month, over a hundred press mentions.