Increasing Action’s visibility within the institutional ecosystem


Present in France since 2012, Action has experienced eye-catching growth, opening between 80 and 100 new stores a year. France is now its number one market by volume and value. It has created a total of 16,000 jobs since it started operations. At a time when spending power tops the list of French people’s worries, Action has emerged as the go-to store for purchases of everyday products.

Its strategy was previously focused simply on growing its market across France. Its institutional relations were limited and the main policymakers knew little about Action’s model and values.

  • Maarc put together a multidisciplinary team for Action with experts working together to craft an overall strategy, combining media relations with public affairs, that aimed to highlight the retailer’s positive impact at both national and local levels.
  • In addition to providing ongoing strategic consultancy, Maarc’s teams worked on rolling out the various operational plans: regulatory monitoring, stakeholder mapping, setting up meetings, interview coaching and drafting communication materials.
  • Creation of a network of allies thanks to the definition and implementation of an institutional relations plan focused on key stakeholders (municipalities, regional assemblies, members of parliament and ministries).
  • Recognition of the benefits to regions and territories of Action’s business and development (job creation, boosting people’s spending power and stimulating local economies).